Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unique Tactical Flashlight Mod

While researching my next knot tying project, I came acrossa video by KipKay thatexplained how to modify a cheap AA flashlight and turn it into a brightPolice-type Flashlight for around ten dollars. Though I went slightly overbudget, I was able to build nice flashlight for under $20.

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 All materials needed to build this flashlight are availableat Wal-Mart, except for the bulb which can be purchase at your local RadioShack (paracord not included, grab your choice of colors from Supply Captain).
(1) - Rayovac Brilliant Solutions KryptonFlashlight ($3.50)
(3) - Energizer 123 3V Lithium Batteries ($9.84for a package of two, you can purchase another individually)
(1) - Krypton KPR112 6V Flashlight Lamp ($1.99)
(12’) - Paracord in your choice of colors (4’ perpass of Turk’s Head)
Glossy Black Spray Paint
Clear Satin Spray Paint

    The type of flashlight you choose is your choice, you don’thave to use the one I bought, or the one that KipKay chose for his mod. Get aflashlight that was meant for two AA batteries and can be modified to use three123 batteries and it needs to have an incandescent bulb and not LED.

    I bored out the dividers inside the flashlight and insertedthe batteries, and then I changed out the bulb. To finish it off, I customized my flashlight to suit my own taste.
    To customize the Rayovac I removed the rubber handle byprying a small flathead screwdriver underneath the rubber all the way around it until I could roll itoff. I then applied two coats of Glossy Black spray paint and two coats ofClear Satin spray paint. After it dried I was already starting to see a slicklooking flashlight but I knew I could make it look better. Since I wanted the “tactical” look, I used black paracordand tied a Long Two Bight Turk’s Head for the handle.

    Once completed you will own a nice flashlight and you’llhave the feeling of job satisfaction knowing that you did the work yourself.

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Unique Key Fobs Part II

    Here's my attempt at a "King Knut" Monkey's Fist by Monkey Knuts. Their ad states that it has an adjustable "crown knot" that allows the twisted cord to be stretched and compressed to relieve stress and anxiety. Though with mine I added a "Knife Lanyard Knot", it can still be stretched and rotated all the way up to the loop and back.I also added a Solomon Twist key chain to the mix of acceptable fobs.  

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