Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This is an original design by JD of TyingItAllTogether, found in the photos of some of his new work on his Twitter channel.

This is a really great looking design, though it may not sparkle as well as it should in this monochrome format, but I kind of dig single-plain colors for fobs that I intend to carry on my key chain.

Although JD keeps churning out new and innovative tutorials, to my knowledge he hasn't release a video for tying this design yet.

At this time I am not releasing a tutorial showing the tying technique. If JD decides to create a video showing how to tie it, he will do a better job of explaining it. However, if you familiarize yourself with a couple of his videos, you should be able to tie the design. Watch the following video by JD titled "How to Make a Paracord Firecracker Sinnet (Key Fob) by TIAT", which is almost the same, you just need to crisscross the cords.
If you still can't figure out how it was tied, review one of his other videos, How to Make a Corset Spine Bracelet by TIAT, this shows the crisscrossing method. You may also want to view JD's original version of the Crisscrossed Firecracker Sinnet which is tied in three different colors, this will make it easier to see where the cords should go.
Notice: In case you did not see the previous section, the original knot design was labeled and created by JD of TyingItAllTogther.

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