Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Recently while trolling the internet, I came across this design tied by a fellow Blogger. He was tying the design mainly for use as a leash, but this is a tough, rugged looking design that can be used in many different ways. Before tying this lanyard, I thought about using this design as a strap to replace the "Oh Crap" handles in my Jeep.

Tying this design will take patience and time to create a great looking piece. Since I usually try to only post knot designs that are fairly easy to tie, I hesitated on posting this here, but I feel that the novice knot tying enthusiast can tie this with a little effort. It is tied in parts which will make it difficult to determine the amount of cord you will need. The full length of my lanyard was 16 inches and required 12 feet for the Turk's Head section, and two 40 inch lengths for the braided core. It is tied with a Long Two Bight Turk's Head on top of a Four Strand Braided Core.
Once you've determined the length you want to tie, start braiding, I showed this technique here and I also included the tying diagram below.  When you finish braiding, start the Turk's Head Knot.
Bud Brewer created a tutorial on tying a Long Two Bight Turk's Head and expanding it to Long Four Bight Turk's Head, but we only need the first part for this design.
When tying the Turk's Head, make sure the strands fall in place over the braiding in order to get the best end result.


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