Wednesday, January 4, 2012


On my last hunting trip while navigating to the tree stand, I ended up dripping with sweat in 30° F weather. It occurred to me that I needed to lighten my load so that on future trips I won’t be freezing once I get settled in the stand from the amount of perspiration on my clothing.
An easy way to lose a little weight is to change my hunting knife. I am a lifelong fan of Buck knives, these are well made with good quality materials and they won’t break the bank. That’s when I decided to purchase the Buck PakLite Skinner which looks like the popular Esee Izula knives, but about forty dollars cheaper.

I did my research prior to choosing the Bug Belly Bar, I found many knives wrapped in paracord, but most used the same designs (a weave, Turk’s Head Knots, or the basic “Izula wrap”). I liked many of the designs and I favored a Turk’s Head Knot wrap, but that seemed to be too fancy for my intended use. That’s when I thought of the Bug Belly Bar, it has the weave and attitude that I was going for.

I tied the wrap using about six feet of olive drab paracord for the Bug Belly Bar wrap. I wanted to add a little pizzazz to finish off the knife so I added a lanyard. I tied the lanyard using about two feet of acu digital paracord; I added a Square Knot (a.k.a. Cross Knot, Rustler’s Knot, or the Friendship Knot) for the loop, a Matthew Walker Knot in the middle and finished it off with an Arms-Akimbo Lanyard Knot.

There are many different styles of wraps that you can choose from on the internet, but if you think out-of-the-box just a little bit, you can end up with a better – more customized wrap.



  1. Excellent job you did with this wrapping on the Buck knife. I love the way you put it together. I Like your work! :-)


  2. I appreciate your support! I don't know why no one else has used this knot design to wrap knives and other objects because it gives a really good look (in my opinion, but I'm a little biased).

  3. I love the look of the green,Do you have a tutorial for this one or can push me in the right direction? Thank you and appreciate any help you can give me.Scot

  4. @Scot: Thanks for the support, I too like the od green, it's one of my favorite colors. I haven't created a tutorial for this, but it's a fairly simple process of weaving with two cords. Watch TIAT's video on the Bug Belly Bar and try and get the full understanding of how it's tied prior to tying your own. If you're wrapping a knife similar to the BUCK, I chose to start at the opposite end of the lanyard side and worked my way towards the end. Let me know if I can assist you further.

  5. Hey Chad,Called my local Walmart and they do not offer the Buck's, so had to order from Buck directly now half to wait five day's!! That will give me plenty of time to practice the bug belly. Thank you for offering your help. I have found that the knot tying community to be a special group of people.You have a great day and I will get back with you to let you know how it go's.Scot

  6. @Scot: I'm glad you've chosen to go with a Buck knife, I've been a loyal Buck customer since I first started hunting at ten years old. I probably should edit the post and include that I found other Buck knives like the one in this post and smaller types that have an open handle to allow for wrapping with paracord, at my local Academy Sports and Outdoors.
    Also, you will find that the more in-depth you get into tying knots, the more the community will be willing to help and offer solutions.
    Once you receive your Buck and get it wrapped, upload a photo and I'll place it in this post.