Tuesday, August 2, 2011


If you have searched the internet for a "survival paracord bracelet" then chances are that most of the results were for a Solomon Bar bracelet, and that's fine but I wouldn't want the task of unraveling a Solomon Bar bracelet while in a survival situation. I would want a bracelet that can go from bracelet form to one long strand of paracord in less than a minute.

With this tying technique you will end up with a bracelet that is very similar to a Solomon Bar but it can be unraveled in seconds.


If you read my announcement marquee, I said that the first weekly post would be on Monday, August 1 but like most of the time, I got behind and couldn't get this post out on time, sorry. I had to rush this post so I didn't have time to take any images of the tying process but I will soon if there is a need for it.
As I often do when researching knot designs, I troll the internet for new innovative designs, which is how I discovered this video. The author titles the design as a "Chain Sinnet Square Knot". Though the video is grainy and hard to see at times, I believe everyone can see enough to quickly figure out how to tie this knot.

This design is very similar to a Solomon Bar and most people want be able to tell a difference but there is a slight difference. Once tied, the loops run at angle but if you massage the paracord carefully, much of this want be seen. As for the buckles, I may have to show images of how I tied mine because I didn't tie mine like the author of the video, you should tie the buckles the way you feel most comfortable and what looks the best to you.



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