Monday, April 11, 2011

Unique Wide Solomon Bar Keychain

The Solomon Bar is probably the most common knot tied for key chains, fobs, bracelets, etc. The Wide Solomon Bar is an extension of the knot.
I wanted an earth toned key chain to swap out for my Alabama Monkey Fist key chain (until football season starts anyway). I had watched a video by JD @ TIAT that showed how to tie a Wide Solomon Bar bracelet with buckles and I thought that it would look great as a key chain.
This knot is fairly simple to tie if you have conquered the regular Solomon Bar, if not then it's easy to learn, might as well start now.  (Click the Continue Reading button for the remainder of this post...)

I used two four foot strands of Olive Drab 550 nylon paracord and one four foot strand of Desert Tan to complete this fob.

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