Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Unique Paracord Bracelet/Necklace Tying Jig

Recently I came across a video by Dave Canterbury that showed a woman tying a paracord bracelet blazing fast by using a homemade jig so I decided to build my own since I've been getting so many requests for bracelets, this should make my life easier.

For directions on building this jig click the Continue Reading button.

•  (2) Bolts with washers and wing nut
•  (8) 3/8" electrical cable clamps
•  (1) 6”x4’x½” piece of poplar (or your choice of lumber, a scrap piece of ½” plywood will work fine if you have any scraps lying around)

A note to those trying this project, I chose to use poplar wood and finished it with glossy black spray paint. I don't know if it was due to the rainy weather conditions or my paint choice but it made my final result look like crap, since I am all "o.c.d.-ish" and can't leave anything alone unless I like the the result, I will be starting this project from scratch with new lumber or repainting.

UPDATE: I decided to repaint the entire project using an interior latex paint. The end result is much more pleasing to me though it would have looked better had I never chose to use spray paint, live and learn.

1. Cut the 7 pieces of wood

2. Calculate how many tie-downs you will be using and screw them down to the slider boards

3. Cut a track using your router or jig saw vertically down the center of the main board for the bolts to slide

4. Place your sliders on the main board, now glue the slider rails but be sure to test and make sure you can slide the slider all the way to the top and the bottom

I decided to make my jig adjustable from 0"-14", you can decide on your adjustment level based on your own tying needs. I also added a 5/16" wooden dowel to both ends of the slider boards for different project types, this is why I added all the extra cable clamps, for different buckles and such.

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