Friday, November 5, 2010

Unique Elastic Somon Bar Bracelet

Most paracord bracelets are made using plastic buckles but now there's another way. J.D. at TyingItAllTogether had another great idea by using elastic ponytailers to create a stretchable bracelet.
I really like the look of the full band without the cumbersome knot or buckle. The only drawback is going to be for the folks with larger wrists, though these are stretchable, the tighter it's stretched, the more it's going to dig-in to your skin. If this is the case, I believe Shock cord would work in place of the ponytailers. This can be purchased in basic colors from Supply Captain. (Continued...)

I followed  J.D.'s instructions for creating an Elastic Solomon Bar (Cobra) Bracelet by using six feet of paracord but I chose to use two colors (black and silver) so I had to join them together using three feet in each color.
Once I reached the end, I continued to weave the final leads into the beginning side so it would seem as the bracelet is one piece. This worked well but the cut leads can still be seen, but that doesn't mean that it's obvious. The silver lead end can't be seen while wearing the bracelet because it's on the inside. The black lead end will be seen but you can trim and singe it well enough that it's not noticeable inside the silver loop, you may choose a different method but this one worked best for my situation.

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