Friday, December 31, 2010

Unique Key Fobs

I decided I needed to change out my old Monkey Fist fob and replace it with something new, and in the next couple of posts I'll be adding some images of the fobs that I like best and I'm hoping for some input from you on your choices.

Click the Continue Reading button for individual images of each fob.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Unique Oblong Knot

The Oblong Knot is similar to the Chinese Cloverleaf Knot. I have been waiting for a practical use for this knot for quite awhile now and when I decided to "unique-ilize" my laptop backpack, it gave me just the situation I needed. I wanted to decorate the bag with zipper pulls and a Turk's Head handle. (Continued...)

 The easiest method of learning to tie this knot is to pin it out on a board following the diagram below. Note that in my example I cut and singed one end and made a loop and tucked it inside the inside the knot with the other, the original would have a strand on top and bottom. This is just another example of tweaking knots to fit your needs, I also tied a Chinese Cloverleaf zipper pull in this same manner.

Double-click the image to see the full size, you may want to print it out and pin your cord straight to the image.